New8th furniture is all made by hand.

lthough Joe's furniture designs could not be seen in an earlier era, he constructs New8th furniture from solid wood and uses traditional joinery techniques. Almost every piece of New8th furniture will come to you without a single screw, and never a nail. Clientele may participate in selection of wood, dimensions, and other elements of materials and design. Joe loves working with clients on the creation or maturation of a vision, and hopes the client will feel a sense of pride when the culmination of that vision finds its new place in a home or office.

New8th is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, among a row of old manufacturing buildings. The company shares space with two other highly skilled local furniture makers: Bill James (www.jameswoodworks.com) and Craig Marcus (www.marcusstudio.com). Although located in an old steel town a few hundred miles from the Atlantic Ocean, Joe has worked with clients thousands of miles away.

What you see on this site is a small sampling of what you and New8th can create together. For quotes, ordering information, or simply to run some questions by Joe, please email joseph@new8th.com. He looks forward to hearing from you.